We have a 504 plan on file and our son is in regular classes and makes mostly A's and B's. With a 504 plan, students with disabilities can access educational accommodations, aids, and services. Examples of accommodations are: Physical changes to the school that are necessary for your child to be able to use the school building, such as installing a wheelchair ramp, handrails, or motorized doors. section 504: requesting 504 plan, sample letter Posted on 01/29/2016 by Community — 4 Comments ↓ Tracy: My friend has a son with anxiety issues and separation attachment diagnosis and is looking for a sample letter to request a 504 plan at her school, which we all know- schools do not like to do. This article examines common symptoms of youth diagnosed with depression or anxiety and explores the application of Section 504 to assist these students in managing their academic performance. The 504 evaluation team decides the accommodations that will best support a particular student. He pays close attention and completes his work in … High School 50 High School Accommodations for Every ADHD Challenge. The 504 plan accommodations for a student with anxiety disorder provides minor adjustments to the learning environment - not changes to the content being learned. Your child may be eligible for health services, educational accommodations, or both. Accommodations and modifications under Section 504 include many different things, and we’ve listed some examples below. When his depression begins to kick in again, his ADHD worsens and extreme fatigue and apathy get hold of him. For example, approximately 50% of children with depression also have problems with anxiety. The key here is that the anxiety must be extreme enough that your child is no longer able to learn in a typical school setting in ways similar to peers. Summary. When his depression is well-maintained, his ADHD is fine. Depression also co-occurs with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and substance abuse problems in 17% to 79% of cases. The right to a level playing field doesn’t end after elementary school. Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act requires public schools to offer services and accommodations for eligible students with disabilities. Depression is associated with other conditions seen in children and youth. When students are being treated for anxiety, it’s crucial for all of the people working with them to be in contact with their mental health providers about using school strategies like these. Parents and teachers can work together to help a student succeed in the classroom. 504 Accommodations for Students with Anxiety Disorders Although anxiety does not necessarily impact a student’s academic abilities, it can affect their ability to learn. Section 504 requires that public schools provide a “free appropriate public education” (called “FAPE”) to every student with a disability — regardless of the nature or severity of the disability. The Team process involves schools in identifying the resources they (and outside agencies) have to support various student needs. Together, you can all ensure the accommodations are a good fit for the student. Obviously, the kinds of accommodations schools can provide will vary based on school configuration, age of student, etc. Accommodations can range from minimal in a 504 such as “small group testing” to complex with many accommodations and/or modifications for anxiety that leads to school refusal. earlier this year, i was going to possibly be put on the 504 plan, we had a meeting set up for it. These services help students with special health needs fully take part in school. Here are some of the most effective classroom accommodations to help your child succeed in grades 9 through 12 — … There are a number of ways staff can make the school day easier and less stressful for