So, what is the transcendence definition? ‘You can turn on a radio, put on a record, pop a tape or a disc in the player and listen to her golden voice, the transcendent beauty of the music she creates.’ ‘This bizarre simian cameo is topped only by the final encounter with the tiger which has a hallucinatory, transcendent beauty.’ Transcendence definition is - the quality or state of being transcendent. transcendent definition: 1. greater, better, more important, or going past or above all others: 2. greater, better, more…. If you were at a concert where the rock star jumped into the audience, the concert (and audience) may have achieved a state of transcendence. For the purpose of the question I'm going to go with 'transcendent' as the sound of the music itself and perhaps less of the compositional technique. Philosophy. Discovering Transcendence Definition . If you’re going to have a transcendent experience, a great place to start is in understanding exactly what transcendence is. Transcendence is a fundamental part of the human experience. Transcendence (philosophy), climbing or going beyond some philosophical concept or limit Transcendentalism, a 19th-century American religious and philosophical movement that advocates that there is an ideal spiritual state that transcends the physical and empirical; Transcendent theosophy, a school of Islamic philosophy founded by the 17th-century Persian philosopher Mulla Sadra Even within our own pretty narrow definition of 'classical music' we seem to have varying ideas about what is transcendent and what 'transcendent' even means. transcendental synonyms, transcendental pronunciation, transcendental translation, English dictionary definition of transcendental. Transcend definition, to rise above or go beyond; overpass; exceed: to transcend the limits of thought; kindness transcends courtesy. Transcendence is the act of rising above something to a superior state. How to use transcendence in a sentence. See more. 2 people chose this as the best definition of transcendent: Surpassing others; preemi... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Transcendent in scope: Transcendent (adjective) beyond or above the range of normal or physical human experience "the search for a transcendent level of knowledge" Transcendent (adjective) surpassing the ordinary; exceptional "her transcendent beauty" Transcendent (adjective) (of God) existing apart from and not subject to the limitations of the material universe. Define transcendental. mystical; knowledge derived from intuitive sources: It was a transcendental experience. Transcendent definition: Something that is transcendent goes beyond normal limits or boundaries , because it is... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Even so, for a long time, the prevailing consensus in psychology was that … Learn more. Transcendence can be defined as something that surpasses the bounds of ordinary experience. Since the dawn of our species, people have been losing themselves in ritualistic prayer, song, and dance.